IoTSSA Cybersecurity Expo Austin


Michelle Ragusa-McBain and Cisco are coming with a surprise Keynote speaker you don’t want to miss. One thing we know for sure is, cybersecurity is a constantly moving target…How strong is your security posture? Join

IoTSSA Cybersecurity Expo Austin2023-08-18T14:28:12+00:00

Standing the Workforce Back Up


Michael Crean, CEO at Solutions Granted MSSP, talks with Brian about the return to the office and the challenges IT Providers are facing with the different customer requirements as we come out of this pandemic.

Standing the Workforce Back Up2021-05-04T15:51:17+00:00

2021 Cybersecurity Paradigm Shift


Replay from Beyond the Curve 3.0 Virtual Event in January, MJ Shoer, Executive Director of the CompTIA ISAO, guest moderates this Cyber Expert Panel Session unpacking the Solarwinds event and the massive paradigm shift its

2021 Cybersecurity Paradigm Shift2021-03-14T06:02:27+00:00

Partnering in Cybersecurity


With the massive shift to a distributed workforce and businesses operating without perimeters, there has never been a better time to look at partnering your cybersecurity offering. Cybersecurity is a specialty knowledge that requires a

Partnering in Cybersecurity2021-01-27T17:48:17+00:00

Women in Technology


Our very own, Robin Miller sits down with Monika Gupta, VP Marketing with Huntress, Jennifer Bleam, VP Business Development with Solutions Granted and Amy Luby, Chief Channel Evangelist with Acronis to discuss building a career

Women in Technology2020-12-11T12:52:15+00:00

A crash course in MDR


Over the past several months, you’ve likely heard the term “Managed Detection and Response” (MDR). And while the term is often used, it is seldom defined, and, when it is, the service description is usually

A crash course in MDR2020-10-15T14:54:22+00:00

Cybersecurity Nightmares


Kicking off Cybersecurity Month, Brian sits down with Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst with Webroot, Michael Crean, President and CEO of Solutions Granted and Scott Davis, Sales Engineer at Liongard, on the current cybersecurity nightmares IT

Cybersecurity Nightmares2020-10-01T18:27:39+00:00

Assessing the Value of Customer Data


Brian sits down with Solutions Granted CEO, Michael Crean and VP of Business Development Jennifer Bleam to talk about translating technology and cybersecurity to your customers and prospects. Both Michael and Jennifer give some great

Assessing the Value of Customer Data2020-06-24T16:27:20+00:00
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