With the massive shift to a distributed workforce and businesses operating without perimeters, there has never been a better time to look at partnering your cybersecurity offering. Cybersecurity is a specialty knowledge that requires a different skill set and expertise. Partnering allows you to continue to grow your business, focusing on your core skills and offerings which are needed more than ever by not only the SMB but also enterprise sized organizations.

Solutions Granted CEO, Michael Crean gives Brian some great insights and things you should be looking at when looking for a cybersecurity partner. As they say – You need to be right every time, however the bad guys only need to be right once. Do you have the resources and expertise in house to effectively secure your clients…every time?

Solutions Granted are an MSSP that take a holistic approach in partnering with MSP’s to not only secure their clients, however also support with client conversations, whether its adding to their security stack or ensuring compliance is being met. You can find more information about Solutions Granted and contact info in our Security Solutions Showcase.