Covid Clickbait


Remote work forces for your clients have been set-up…now what? Brian talks with Infogressive CEO, Justin Kallhoff about securing remote workers and the vulnerabilities our businesses face in the current landscape. They give some great

Covid Clickbait2020-05-05T16:13:55+00:00

Slow Down!


Brian talks with Gill Langston, Head Security Nerd at Solarwinds MSP, Matthew Koenig, VP of Sales with Secure Now! and Justin Kallhoff, CEO at Infogressive. Our experts share insights and tips on some issues that

Slow Down!2020-03-19T20:13:22+00:00

Show me…Don’t tell me


‘Show me, don’t tell me’ states Justin Kallhoff when talking about navigating the many cyber security product offerings available to IT Service Providers.

Show me…Don’t tell me2019-06-13T13:11:06+00:00

Securing Your MSP Business


The panel discusses current MSP vulnerabilities and what we can expect in the near future. As Justin Kalhoff states ‘We are right in the middle of it and it is going to get worse before it gets better’…. and it scares the hell out of him.

Securing Your MSP Business2019-05-29T17:36:11+00:00

Recognizing the Experts in Cybersecurity


The MSP community has been incredibly supportive of IoTSSA and its mission since its inception. From the Cybersecurity Expo events held in cities across the nation to the Secure Connections podcasts and online Security Experts

Recognizing the Experts in Cybersecurity2019-03-28T19:45:11+00:00

Cyber Breach Post Mortem


‘In the event of a breach don’t over react but also don’t under react, start by applying the tourniquet’ states Justin Kallhoff, CEO at Infogressive.

Cyber Breach Post Mortem2019-03-12T12:27:39+00:00

MSPs… Are you Secure? With Dan Wensley from Passportal


Dan Wensley shares some excellent insights on the security shift in the channel and hackers targeting MSPs in order to gain larger access to SMBs through their IT Services Partners. Dan talks about an eye

MSPs… Are you Secure? With Dan Wensley from Passportal2018-10-22T17:17:55+00:00

Are MSPs Poised to Fail?


There are big opportunities for MSPs in todays landscape and the biggest lies in staying ahead and knowledgeable for your clients – Leading Edge vs. Bleeding Edge

Are MSPs Poised to Fail?2018-03-29T14:17:39+00:00
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