In this Virtual Security Expert Web Panel, Brian has a frank discussion on the topic with:

Justin Kallhoff – CEO, Infogressive
Rob Rae – VP Business Development, Datto
Dan Wensley – President, Passportal

Forrester research recently reported:
• Nearly 40% data breaches are caused by insiders
• Of those 26% are caused by abuse or malicious intent
• 56% are caused by inadvertent misuse or accidents by employees

What can MSPs do to protect their clients from insiders? Why the recent channel discussion around MSPs being poised to fail? What are the next steps whether just getting started with Cyber-Security offerings or well on your way in building out this extension of your practice?

There are approximately 400 new vulnerabilities each month and a million different hashes of Malware released daily….The bad guys only need to be right once and they have success where MSPs (the good guys) need to be right 100% of the time while defending. This equation works in the bad guys favour. Working well and communicating with each other gives us the chance to limit the damage and swing the balance of power back to our side….Cyber Security is never a guarantee.

There are big opportunities for MSPs in todays landscape and the biggest lies in staying ahead and knowledgeable for your clients – Leading Edge vs. Bleeding Edge.