Don’t miss this podcast discussion with Justin Kallhoff from Infogressive, who are a Master MSSP out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Justin states, “Security is going to get far worse before it gets better.”

Brian and Justin discuss Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) and the availability of this technology to the SMB. How this technology fits into current IT Service Providers security stacks and exactly how it works alongside conventional firewalls and endpoint anti-virus. Phishing emails are not malware or malicious software, so endpoint AV is unable to pickup or filter. EDR is monitoring for the known steps that bad guys take once they grab an endpoint to attack an environment.

They also discuss Pen Testing and Justin explains that not everyone needs it or more pointedly are not ready for it. Media and marketing leads IT providers to feel they need to be Pen Testing, when in reality it is the follow up to a complete and executed cybersecurity plan. Unless of course it is a compliance requirement for your client. Pen Testing is otherwise a mature security stack step…Is your plan working?