Cyber Risk from Pandemic to World Conflict


Brian Sherman, Sr. Communications Specialist with Commcentric, has a timely discussion with three channel veterans about the changing landscape and what IT Service Providers need to do in order to keep ahead of today’s threats.

Cyber Risk from Pandemic to World Conflict2023-08-18T14:27:43+00:00

IoTSSA Cybersecurity Expo Austin


Michelle Ragusa-McBain and Cisco are coming with a surprise Keynote speaker you don’t want to miss. One thing we know for sure is, cybersecurity is a constantly moving target…How strong is your security posture? Join

IoTSSA Cybersecurity Expo Austin2023-08-18T14:28:12+00:00

Robin’s Weekly Update


A little levity with our first edition of Robin’s Weekly Update. This week she is joined by Scott Barlow, VP of Global MSP with Sophos, Rob Rae Sr. VP Business Development at Datto and Natasha

Robin’s Weekly Update2020-04-30T18:27:50+00:00

Hurricane Dorian Disaster Recovery


Brian and Tania, talk Hurricane Dorian and recovering from a disaster with Rob Rae, VP of Biz Dev at Datto. The Datto DRT (Disaster Recovery Team) team has been mobilized and is currently heading to

Hurricane Dorian Disaster Recovery2019-09-23T16:15:47+00:00

Explosive Channel Growth with Rob Rae, Datto


Brian sits down with VP of Business Development at Datto, Rob Rae to discuss the increase of VC money coming into the channel but even more so, Private Equity dollars that is forecast to be in the

Explosive Channel Growth with Rob Rae, Datto2019-03-12T12:26:18+00:00

Close More Cybersecurity Sales by Calculating the Cost of Failure


Do SMBs truly realize their businesses are at risk? Objections to advanced cybersecurity protection tend to get complicated. From “we’re too small to be legitimate targets” to the tried and true “it’s too costly” comeback,

Close More Cybersecurity Sales by Calculating the Cost of Failure2018-11-27T16:48:58+00:00

Seizing the Security Opportunities


You are going to have to listen to this one more than once as it is packed full of tools and tips for MSP’s and how they can capitalize on the opportunities that cybersecurity and

Seizing the Security Opportunities2018-12-10T21:04:43+00:00

DattoCon 2018 Wrap up with Rob Rae from Datto


DattoCon 2018 Wrap Rob Rae, VP of Business Development for Datto, joins Brian for a post DattoCon 2018 wrap up. A hugely successful event with 1600 MSP’s in attendance and 2,200 overall guests. Datto and

DattoCon 2018 Wrap up with Rob Rae from Datto2018-10-22T17:18:21+00:00

Are MSPs Poised to Fail?


There are big opportunities for MSPs in todays landscape and the biggest lies in staying ahead and knowledgeable for your clients – Leading Edge vs. Bleeding Edge

Are MSPs Poised to Fail?2018-03-29T14:17:39+00:00
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