Rob gets excited about the opportunities for MSP’s and how lucrative the IT channel evolution is becoming. Massive growth in the MSP space is on the horizon and opportunities are better than they have ever been before. Keep yourself educated and on top of security so that your clients can rest easy. Peace of mind is what they are paying for….Market and communicate it, not only to your prospects, but also your current clients.

Rob gives Dan Wensley @danwensley @Passportal props for advice he gave him when he first came into the channel…’He or She who owns the data will own the customer’. This statement continues to ring true today as we see technology and IoT only continue to grow and evolve.

If you would like to meet and discuss any of these topics further with Rob, he will be at the IoTSSA Security Roadshow in Austin on February 22. To register for Austin or other upcoming Roadshow events please visit