Brian talks with the new CEO at Warranty Master, Dan Wensley on the importance of Asset Lifecycle Management and its impact on your cyber security hygiene.

We have heard many references to cyber security being a multi headed beast to contend with. Dan talks about a fundamental service which all MSPs need to adopt in order to better service and protect their customers.

A 100% transparent and consolidated stance on hardware deployment and associated warranties allows MSPs to take a proactive approach with their customers allowing asset refresh costs to be planned ahead and effectively budgeted. ‘Properly maintained assets equals reduced support tickets on aging out of warranty equipment allowing you to sell more and service less’ states Dan Wensley.

Having a clear picture and understanding of what the warranties entail and the result of their expiration allows the MSP to flag equipment that is no longer receiving vital security patches making the network vulnerable to intrusion. Should there be a security incident, this puts the client at risk of the insurance company not answering a claim due to out of date patching and the network devices not being properly maintained.

Watch the video:

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