Unsecure Checks: IT Service Providers invest an incredible amount of time and resources securing their clients, implementing new systems and processes to effectively defend against a cyber attack, only then to invoice for these services and receive a piece of paper in the form of a check directly exposing this same client to payment fraud by the MSP’s own payment process.

Clear text data combined with supported company data all neatly packaged in a paper envelope which then gets transferred between multiple people in transit until it finds its way to the MSP in the form of payment. As the saying goes its important that we drink our own Kool-Aid when implementing security defenses for our clients

Listen in with Brian Sherman and Ryan Goodman, President/Partner of ConnectBooster as they discuss the importance behind secured client payments

IT Service Providers are having the cyber security conversations with their clients; however, they are having some difficulty having their clients actually listen and digest. No one ever thinks they will be the target of an attack…. just as no one ever leaves the house in the morning planning to get in a car accident. Ryan talks about the best place to open the secure payment conversation being upon contract renewal. The conversation is about security and how you the MSP are securing your business processes to better protect them. This is an excellent time to begin engaging them with their own security and how they are potentially at risk with their own payables. Hopefully the security conversation will cascade from there and you will  finally have the captive audience you have been looking for.