Join Brian as he sits down with Geoff Kreiling, Senior Manager MSSP Service Enablement with Fortinet in a well-rounded discussion about Digital Transformation and the SMB. This isn’t a paradigm shift on the horizon…it is upon us today.

Data is the fuel for the digital economy and its digitization is driving innovation and engagement but also massive cyber security exposure. The threat fabric is infinite. How do we lock down the ever-increasing complexity of client networks?

Geoff provides some great advice for opening conversations with clients and building out a security stack. Taking a methodical consultation approach with clients and really defining the ‘Why’ so that you can best determine the ‘How’.

Many MSP’s have expressed the challenge in finding and hiring good cyber security staff for their businesses. In closing Geoff urges IT Service Providers to look to the Veteran Community for these roles. Transitioning service men and women are often highly skilled and can provide your business a tremendous amount of value.