Brian sits down with Guy Baroan, President and CEO of Baroan Technologies in New Jersey.

Guy, like many, got his start in IT as a hobby back in the early 90’s and his career along with Baroan Technologies has grown from there.

They discuss the challenges of adding a robust cybersecurity offering to current managed services and that it is absolutely crucial all providers do this. Where it is necessity it is also the largest opportunity for IT Service Providers today. IT security needs to be addressed within every business from start-ups to mature.

They discussed the approach to selling cybersecurity that has worked best for Baroan Technologies and Guy explains that the media has already put the fear into business people. Guy likes to take a more educational approach where they translate the different security breaches the media are reporting and explain how the hack happened and whether that particular prospect or customer may or may not be exposed. They have regular communications with clients keeping them up to date on the different vulnerabilities that are out there.

Open lines of communication and training are critical for any facet of a business to be successful and as Guy explains, it matters just as much if not more when it comes to Cybersecurity.