Auvik Networks completed a survey of 100,000 different devices across 20,000 different networks this past spring and are hoping to publish their findings by the end of this month. Patrick Albert, AVP Product Development at Auvik gives us a sneak peek into their findings and what this data means for MSPs.

Ultimately their objective is helping to support MSPs in their business cases to clients when it comes to looking at a hardware refresh investment, however the report also takes a deeper dive into network security vulnerabilities and the challenges that IoT devices present.

Patrick talks about an MSP breach as an extinction event for IT Providers, however in a more positive light, he is seeing strong trending toward MSPs embracing their own internal security practices.

Podcast Update: Auvik Networks have released their completed survey discussed in their podcast which can be downloaded here:

The press release which outlines some high-level data points in the survey can be found here: