Steve Weber, Global Solutions Engineer with Sophos catches up with Brian to talk about adding a ‘people’ layer to your security stack. One of the largest pain points IT Service Providers have is finding qualified people to manage their security. Steve discusses Sophos new Managed Threat Response (MTR) 24 X 7 SOC services for MSPs. New tools are great, however having qualified people to operate them is key and this can be a challenge for many.

Cyber Insurance is also driving a lot of change with our service offerings and making services such as 24 X 7 network threat monitoring mandatory in order to qualify for certain policies. This of course requires the proper skill set in order to effectively be able to implement.

With these new tools, driven by Machine Learning and AI are also being utilized by the bad guys against us. For those who are interested in learning more about how ML and AI work and are incorporated into these new threat hunting tools check out