This is crazy talk….The last time you had a clients email go down, was it a passive support ticket to get it back online when you get a chance or was it, ‘My business is at a stand still!’ followed by sheer panic?

Mark Glowacz from mailprotector sits down with Brian to discuss the future of email security and some cool new tools for IT Service Providers to better secure and manage their client’s email.

Socialnomics and the revolution back in 2010 told us our communications were undergoing a massive paradigm shift toward Social Media and instant messaging, however the reality is today that we are shifting away from Social Media due to its high security risk and the electronic wild west it has become. Great fun for posting cat pictures but complete madness as a confidential communication platform.

When properly deployed, email provides our businesses with a documented audit trail and a secure conduit for communication and transfer of all information from medical records to intellectual property and competitive business information. As Mark says with a chuckle ‘Email security is critical….but not sexy’.


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