How many really know what devices are connected to client networks? Don’t miss this episode of Secure Connections….Brian sits down with Stephan Tallent, Senior Director MSSP with Fortinet, to discuss both threats and opportunities IoT presents for the Channel.

They discuss Industry 4.0 and the cyber physical bond which is changing the way we do business. Gartner report 32% endpoint growth through 2021. Stephan explains that SIM (Security Information Management) isn’t rocket science, Its open-heart surgery.

The challenge that IoT presents is not only the IP address on a headless device but how are they communicating and even where they are made. Brian and Stephan discuss a chilling article released this week by Bloomberg Businessweek, which states China’s intelligence services had ordered subcontractors to plant malicious chips in Supermicro server motherboards over a two-year period ending in 2015. Threats of this magnitude open the door to denial of service attacks, ransomware and botnet recruitment with the potential for the creation of a massive global botnet army.

SmB’s are running head long into IoT for the obvious service benefits and cost savings for their business without realizing the security exposure they are opening themselves up to. Device classification and really understanding each and every device that is coming onto the network is critical for an effective cybersecurity defense.