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President and CEO

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What happens when a Cybersecurity Training vendor puts their MSP partners first? Putting partner feedback at the forefront, breaking the mold for channel vendors everywhere?

What if Cybersecurity Awareness Training was easy for MSPs to manage, automate, and empower employees to become the human firewall that every business needs? A program that encourages employees and makes them cyber-secure by showing them that they play an integral role in their organization’s cybersecurity. That is the armor that is one of a kind in a partnership with Breach Secure Now.

As an MSP, you know the importance of HIPAA & Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your end-users. But with a saturated market full of big and small names, why is Breach Secure Now the best option for MSPs?

With Breach Secure Now, Human Cybersecurity is dynamic and ever-changing, just like cybercrime. It’s comprehensive, not complicated. Making every metric visible, accessible, and scalable. From simulated phishing to dark web monitoring, setting your customers up for the ongoing success of a strong continued security posture – and making you look like a Rockstar in the process.

Built by MSPs, for MSPs, our white-label portal, month-to-month pricing, and independently owned company allow us to continuously focus on overcoming YOUR struggles while providing a comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Program to your customers. Are you looking to learn more? Download “The MSP’s Guide to Security Awareness Training” to learn more about the value and reward of protecting your customers with a practical security solution that has a high ROI.

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