Brian talks with Secure Now CEO, Art Gross about the many tentacles of cybersecurity training. Its not just about teaching your customers employees what Ransomware is or a Phishing attack. It is about getting your clients staff to engage with you the IT Service Provider. The integration of employee training aligns you with your clients to collectively secure against attacks, however it also provides other residual benefits. High to low risk scoring for organizations and their individual staff members which illustrates progress they are making as a result of your efforts and services. Tools they can use from a Human Resources aspect when training staff on the importance of securing their business environments and reducing risk. The ongoing training with a mature educated staff, then shifts to current cybersecurity alerts, keeping your customers abreast of current threats they need to be aware of and securing against. Cybersecurity training is an ongoing business program which needs to be adopted by all businesses in today’s environment. Not a one-off product or service.