With cybersecurity month winding down Brian and Tania have some fun in a round table discussion with Neal Bradbury, VP MSP Strategic Partnerships with Barracuda and Miles Jobgen, Director of Member Communities with CompTIA

Neal states that MSP’s need to switch their thinking from ‘If’ we or our clients get breached to ‘When’. They talk about some great new tools that are on the horizon for IT Service Providers not only from CompTIA but from NIST in order to better help secure the IT Channel. The power of community and you aren’t alone. There is help from resources like IoTSSA to getting involved in the IT Security Community at CompTIA.

Closing out cybersecurity awareness month doesn’t mean we all switch to growing mustaches in Movember….Cybersecurity is a 24/7/365 effort that is fluid and always changing. Awareness month brings it to the forefront and teaches us that no one knows it all and as the threat landscape continues to evolve it becomes even more critical that we work together and support each other. We are truly better together!

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