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It Starts with a Vulnerability Assessment


Brian and Tania discuss Vulnerability assessments with Kirk Nesbit, VP of Design & Support with Synnex and Joe Pittillo, VP of Services for Synnex. Kirk tells us the failure rate for Vulnerability Assessments is a

It Starts with a Vulnerability Assessment2019-12-24T13:50:44+00:00

Impact of IoT on MSPs


Brian and Tania talk about the impact of IoT with Frank Ohlhorst, IoT Analyst & Consultant. Taking a holistic view of IoT gives us a good idea of the labyrinth of technology that IoT is

Impact of IoT on MSPs2019-11-30T13:20:38+00:00

Cybersecurity Realities


Join Brian and Tania in this very frank and candid conversation about MSP liability and risk with IT Channel Veteran and Technology Attorney Brad Gross. Always a sobering discussion when talking with an attorney about

Cybersecurity Realities2020-09-16T14:06:12+00:00

Good Cyber Hygiene


We often hear IT Service Providers talking about the latest and greatest cybersecurity tools from Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning and Intrusion Detection, however many breeze over the fundamentals of starting with good cyber hygiene.

Good Cyber Hygiene2019-11-13T17:55:37+00:00

Cybersecurity Mindset


Brian and Tania talk with SVP and GM at Barracuda MSP, Brian Babineau about adopting and maintaining a strong cybersecurity mindset in order to be successful. Cybersecurity never stops and as MSPs we can never

Cybersecurity Mindset2021-03-30T21:56:10+00:00

The switch from ‘If’ to ‘When’


With cybersecurity month winding down Brian and Tania have some fun in a round table discussion with Neal Bradbury, VP MSP Strategic Partnerships with Barracuda and Miles Jobgen, Director of Member Communities with CompTIA Neal

The switch from ‘If’ to ‘When’2019-11-01T13:27:38+00:00

Protecting Against ‘Pass the Hash’


Brian and Tania sit down with Co-Founder and CEO of AutoElevate, Todd Jones to discuss the importance of user privilege management for IT Service Providers. If over 90% of cyber breaches are caused by human

Protecting Against ‘Pass the Hash’2019-10-23T18:20:15+00:00

Cybersecurity Aspiration to Visionary


Brian and Tania talk with Stephan Tallent, Sr Director MSSP & Service Enablement with Fortinet about Stephan’s main 3 objectives in building out a successful cybersecurity offering. They cover everything from hiring marketable security talent

Cybersecurity Aspiration to Visionary2019-10-08T16:13:35+00:00

Current Cybersecurity Landscape


Brian and Tania talk with Seth Robinson, Senior Director Technology Analysis at CompTIA about his just released Annual Cyber Security Report which takes a birds eye view of the SMB as well as Enterprise companies

Current Cybersecurity Landscape2019-10-01T13:13:36+00:00

Cyber Security Compliance Frameworks


Brian and Tania talk cyber security frameworks and certifications with Debbie Zaller and Josh Tomkiel with Schellman and Company. ‘Compliance is not meant to be a check the box solution for IT Service Providers’ states

Cyber Security Compliance Frameworks2019-09-26T19:40:01+00:00
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