Having the Risk Conversation


Gill Langston, Head Security Nerd at Solarwinds MSP tells us that an MSP can be described as ‘6 Hat Sam’. That has never been more relevant than now, while helping our clients navigate a pandemic.

Having the Risk Conversation2021-02-10T16:04:13+00:00

Evolving your Stack


One thing we know for sure is the bad guys won’t ever stop and are constantly adjusting their approach and attack vectors. This makes it critical for IT Service Providers to always be on high

Evolving your Stack2020-07-15T14:01:38+00:00

Restructuring your MSP


One thing we know for sure about Covid-19 is that it is driving change. Yes, Its changing how we live our lives, however also driving massive change across all business verticals. Companies who historically operated

Restructuring your MSP2020-06-10T16:42:38+00:00

Slow Down!


Brian talks with Gill Langston, Head Security Nerd at Solarwinds MSP, Matthew Koenig, VP of Sales with Secure Now! and Justin Kallhoff, CEO at Infogressive. Our experts share insights and tips on some issues that

Slow Down!2020-03-19T20:13:22+00:00

Security is Mandatory


Brian talks with Head Security Nerd at Solarwinds MSP, Gill Langston about his role in making MSPs successful. Gill’s excitement about speaking with MSPs about their challenges and successes with security is infectious. He shares

Security is Mandatory2020-02-26T16:53:37+00:00
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