One thing we know for sure about Covid-19 is that it is driving change. Yes, Its changing how we live our lives, however also driving massive change across all business verticals. Companies who historically operated in a comfortable, ‘status quo’ bubble are being forced to restructure the way they do business whether they are customer facing or otherwise.

No business is going untouched in some way and this directly effects IT Service Providers who service these businesses. Yes, we are all comfortable with technology and many were already operating remotely so no difference and no big deal. Not true because these changes directly impact our model and how we continue to service and monetize our practice. What effects our customers effects us.

Brian talks with Gill Langston, Head Security Nerd at Solarwinds MSP, Kyle Hanslovan, CEO of Huntress Labs and Billy Austin, Co-Founder and President at Rocketcyber about how MSPs need to be assessing their clients security posture with a remote workforce and how they need to be taking a look at their own business model to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.

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