What’s the best way to build valuable programs and resources for MSPs? Make them a key part of the process.  While the IoTSSA team collectively brings decades of channel experience to the table, from listening to and helping IT services professionals strengthen their operations to collaborating on useful tools, we don’t run an MSP business or deal with all the same issues you do.

We understand the need for an insider’s perspective, especially when it comes to cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. First-hand knowledge and “a certain set of skills” are needed to master those fields and, while we’ve always included MSP insight and feedback into our operations, we’re making an even deeper commitment to our members in 2020.

One of the first steps is to announce the 2020 IoTSSA Advisory Council. This dedicated group of industry professionals will help us support the cybersecurity and IoT-related needs of the IT Channel by sharing their unique insights and best practices with the greater peer community. Each of these experienced MSPs has a deep understanding of the SMB and the threats facing their own businesses, and will collectively help IoTSSA create channel-focused resources to address their concerns.

That list includes people like Brian Weiss, CEO of ITECH Solutions, a security-focused MSP located in San Luis Obispo, CA. With a unique perspective on risk management ‒ the company and several clients were compromised last year ‒ he has generously taken time to share his personal story and educate his peers on the threats and best practices for protecting their own businesses.

The selfless members of the IoTSSA Advisory Council are focused on the channel’s ability to support the SMB and their peers’ standing in the greater IT community. Members like Dawn Wilson, CEO of Bluefin Technology Group, who left a career in nursing to help build a formidable IT services practice in Northern Florida, wish to open new opportunities for providers and expand cybersecurity resources for MSPs.

Those are just two of the unique perspectives our Advisory Council brings to the table. As we push full speed into 2020, our members can expect to see their insight and influence result in a host of new resources and programs for the channel.

We proudly welcome, acknowledge, and sincerely thank all of our 2020 IoTSSA Advisory Council members for their service.

Are you interested in learning more about the association, including our six 2020 Cybersecurity Expo events? Find all the latest blogs, podcasts, and other member info at IoTSSA.com.