Andy Anderson

CEO & Co-Founder

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DataStream is revolutionizing the way cyber insurance is integrated into a company’s overall cyber risk program. As the bridge between cyber and insurance, we make it easy for MSPs and SMBs to implement the precise type and amount of coverage needed. Our ground-breaking approach to risk analysis involves combing through the world’s largest claims databank and implementing powerful modeling technologies. At DataStream, we are focused on adding value and minimizing complications for our clients so that they can better focus on the business at hand.

Andy Liverman Anderson is the CEO and Co-Founder of DataStream Insurance. He has close to a decade of experience in cybersecurity and technology with leadership roles at Envelop Risk, Dispel, LiquidSpace, and Lovely. Andy is also the host of the podcast The Cyber Crime Lab. Before transitioning to technology, he was a Wall St. credit research analyst covering the insurance space at Barclay’s Capital.
Andy holds a BA from Yale University and an MBA from Columbia University Business School. A former member of the US National Rowing Team, Andy is now an avid but terrible tennis player.

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