We’ve all heard that its not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ we will find ourselves on the wrong end of a cyber incident. Brian Sherman, Head of Channel & Market Research with Commcentric joins Technology Legal Expert, Brad Gross and CEO of Datastream Cyber Insurance, Andy Anderson for a round table on the importance of having a clear and concise Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan in place and up to date. Establish accountability, responsibilities and expect these plans will need to spring into action at the most inopportune times. Incorporate honest and open conversations with customers in order to properly manage expectations. Brad explains that we need to clearly define our roles and responsibilities regarding services provided vs. services facilitated and how these will each be handled should there be an event. Conversations that need to happen before an incident, not after.

Definitely a conversation we will keep going and digging deeper on future episodes, however in the interim you can get more on the topic now by following Brad’s, BradCast and Andy’s, Cyber Crime Lab Podcasts at: