In the spirit of Cybersecurity Month, If the bad guys are all working together, then why aren’t the good guys? This is a question we have always asked and promoted at our live Expo and Virtual Events where we consistently witness incredible collaborative discussion by IT Professionals. CompTIA have taken this to the next level with their new CompTIA ISAO announced back in the spring. Brian chats with Executive Director, MJ Shoer about the ISAO and what this means for the technology industry. ‘Tools and technology will take us so far, then we need the collective power of the industry to keep everyone safe’ states MJ. The CompTIA ISAO (Information Sharing & Analysis Organization) is a cybersecurity early warning system for everyone working in technology, from MSP’s to VAR’s to Software Companies…It is a threat intelligence sharing system that sends alerts on new threats and vulnerabilities with information on where they are coming from, what is the impact and how we can address it.

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