We can all agree that we are dealing with an unprecedented enemy that is affecting each and every one of us globally. While trying to adjust and adapt through this difficult time we need to look beyond today. What will the landscape look like when we come out the other side? What similarities does this crisis have with past events and what can we learn from them? Unlike the 2008 financial crisis, with Covid-19 we can see the cycle and make a relative estimate on when we will emerge.

Channel champions Larry Walsh, CEO of The 2112 Group, Ryan Morris, Principal with Morris Management Partners and Dan Wensley, CEO at Warranty Master have a very matter of fact discussion with Brian on what we need to do to emerge beyond the curve and position ourselves for long term success.

The 2112 Group have just released their ‘Covid-19 Impact on the Channel’ report and our experts discuss their findings and the new realities we face only a few short months beyond 2020 projections in January. You can download the complete report for free here.

Our apologies for a few audio/video glitches. We use Zoom and they have of course seen a massive increase in traffic on their networks these past 2 weeks.