Make Data Privacy a Priority, Every Day


Securing data has become a critical requirement for organizations around the globe. Governments and industries are modernizing existing consumer protection and breach notification laws while establishing new standards of security. The last 12 months have

Make Data Privacy a Priority, Every Day2021-02-05T15:59:42+00:00

Making Deliberate Decisions


As we move into 2021 and really assess the gravity of the monumental paradigm shift happening all around us, Joe Alapat, Founder and CEO at Liongard talks with Brian about seizing the opportunities. Making deliberate

Making Deliberate Decisions2021-02-03T22:18:17+00:00

Evolution of the MSP


Brian sits down with Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad, Adam Slutskin, CRO at Liongard and Zak Karsan, CEO of Vault America for a look ahead to 2021 and beyond. With Thanksgiving around the corner it’s

Evolution of the MSP2020-11-11T16:53:24+00:00

Cybersecurity Nightmares


Kicking off Cybersecurity Month, Brian sits down with Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst with Webroot, Michael Crean, President and CEO of Solutions Granted and Scott Davis, Sales Engineer at Liongard, on the current cybersecurity nightmares IT

Cybersecurity Nightmares2020-10-01T18:27:39+00:00

Security Stack Visibility


As we build out our layered security defences, how good is our visibility of the complete stack and its deployment to our customers? Brian catches up with Joe Alapat, Founder and CEO of Liongard to

Security Stack Visibility2020-08-12T15:27:13+00:00
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