The first 100 registrants in attendance will receive a free hard copy of Cyber Defense Matrix – The Essential Guide to Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape.

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An event designed to keep you, the IT Professional, at the forefront of cybersecurity to protect yourselves and your clients. Our community is dedicated to providing the IT Channel with open collaboration and cyber education. The bad guys are working together.…we need to do the same! #bettertogether

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Sounil Yu, CISO, Author, Cyber Strategist

The “Cyber Defense Matrix” For Assessing Your Cybersecurity Posture

Clarify your cybersecurity stack with a consistent mapping tool that identifies gaps and areas for improvement. A tool to help service providers communicate existing risk profiles with customers more effectively. Knowing when and how to make changes to your cybersecurity practice can mean the difference between success and failure. Using this matrix framework, you can take control of the process and protect yourself and your customers. You will hear from the creator and author of this matrix, on which many CISOs rely.

Matt Lee CISSP, CCSP, CCSK, CFR, Senior Director of Security and Compliance

A candid fireside chat with Matt Lee

Matt will discuss the big pain points for MSPs today and how to elevate them. Having already built a MSP to a 170-person business, you know he knows what it takes to help other MSPs to scale and be successful in cybersecurity. As more MSPs realize there is much more to learn about cybersecurity and risk management, the road ahead can appear daunting. The truth is that it is extremely complicated and constantly changing. Cybersecurity is NOT a plug-and-play gig. It's constantly morphing and while better integrations and AI are making it easier to manage, it still requires skill and human intervention. We will investigate a framework in which MSPs and MPPs can lay a solid foundation for addressing the challenge of building a successful practice.

Sean McTaggart, Channel Development Manager

Security Threats With APIs And APPs

An API is used by most applications. Most of the internet traffic is the result of API queries. How important is API security in terms of cybersecurity? How do you keep APIs safe? An investigation into the subject will provide insights and will investigate how APIs can be better protected. We will also discuss the risks of APPs (particularly APPs that have not been approved by the company) and how you can mitigate the risk.

Fenil Kacharia, Business Development Manager

Can Digital Transformation Take Place in the Absence of Cybersecurity?

The digital transformation of business is accelerating everywhere. However, digital transformation simply cannot occur without cybersecurity. These two major trends are “joined at the hip.” This is a huge opportunity for MSPs to combine the two topics into a single, powerful, comprehensive message to drive revenue.

Max Henderson, Chief Data Officer

How Can Channel Partners Influence Their Clients' Cyber Risks and Insurability?

We are all aware of the extensive range of critical IT services that MSPs and MSSPs provide to their clients. What is the true impact of these partners on cyber risk reduction? You will investigate the findings of a recent research project in which they were able to assess the client's insurability, likelihood of a breach, and overall impact the partner has had on their clients using real client data.

Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist

Today's Evolving M365 Threats and How to Mitigate Them

It’s a dangerous and ever-changing world out there. Mitigations and considerations from yesterday, may not be enough in today’s threat landscape. That’s not to mention political and societal issues happening in the world currently that can have a direct impact on your company’s security posture as well. Is your Microsoft 365 tenant ready to weather the storm? Join us for a session where we’ll help you make that determination!

In this Session Andy Syrewicze, Microsoft MVP and Technical Evangelist for Hornetsecurity, will be covering:
• Current World Affairs and Their Impact on Security
• O365 Credential Phishing
• External Forwarding and Business Email Compromise Attacks
• Backup and Retention Needs in the Modern Era

Matt Scully, Channel Chief

You've been hacked…Now what?

When you are hit with a right of boom (breach), the first thing that comes to mind is to determine whether your data is truly safe for a wipe and restore. First, you must put an end to the breach. Then, as soon as possible, restore business uptime. Finally, conduct a thorough forensic investigation to determine what occurred and gather evidence for compliance and possible prosecution. Then it's a matter of resolving the issue to keep it from happening again.

Ryan Bowman, Director of Solutions Engineering

Managing Your Cybersecurity with Zero Trust

The Zero Trust framework is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” Join us to learn about Zero Trust, how to adopt it for endpoints, and the technologies you need to take control of your environment in the fight against ransomware.

Jon McCarrick, Global Head of Partner Evangelism

The Role of Automation in Cybersecurity

There is no Security Silver Bullet for SMB’s in today's landscape. The challenge for MSP’s is to evolve their legacy Security plans to today’s advanced threats. It requires a combination of multiple services to create an effective layered protection. Security requires a 24/7 initiative. Join Jon McCarick to learn more about the role of automation in Cybersecurity.

Facilitator, Randal Wark

Mastermind Peer-Groups

The power of teamwork! Everyone will have the opportunity to meet each other and participate in the Mastermind Peer-Group. If you've never heard of it, you're in for a treat. The host will lead the audience on a journey of expressing their concerns and working together to find solutions. Many people recognize the value of MasterMind Peer Groups and choose to join a permanent group of eight peers.


Solving the channel's cybersecurity challenges is complicated, with many moving parts. What was best practice yesterday may not be applicable today. We orchestrated all of the mission critical stakeholders and solutions under one cybersecurity ecosystem for the channel with a massive amount of input from some of the best industry experts. It's constantly evolving to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. If cybersecurity is your business, this is your community and ecosystem. Channel Partners will find everything you need to build out a top shelf managed services for cybersecurity. Meet some of the key platform developers will make a brief introduction and be there to discuss further.

Carl Watene

CIO & Founder

Chris Furst

Head of Partnerships

Sam Oliff

Director Sales

Randal Wark

Mastermind Lead


Expert Panel

Hackers only need to be correct once. You must be correct every day of the year. This session walks us through the most recent PEN testing to see how environments are vulnerable to attacks in real time. PEN testing, whether using AI or humans, is an essential component of your cybersecurity services. Discover the most recent advancements in “always-on” PEN testing for maximum cybersecurity.

Julian Lee


Adam Bennet


Mark Porter

Founder & CEO


Expert Panel

To future-proof their own and their clients’ businesses, MSPs must stay ahead of the digital-first economy. We’ll discuss the most recent best practices for doing business and selling cybersecurity in a digital-first world, as well as four powerful tools to help them do so (Marketplace, Marketing Automation, Marketing Research, Peer-Group)

Juan Fernandez

Co-Founder & CEO

Len DiCostanzo

Founder & CEO

Scott Davis

Lead Sales Engineer


Expert Panel

The best CISOs are always prepared for anything, from left to right of “boom”. A panel of cybersecurity experts will discuss the latest hacker tactics and how you can combat them. They will also extrapolate the patterns to help you understand where the hackers are going in the future so you can be better prepared. We will also look at how they handle compliance issues, evaluate technologies, and manage users in a zero-trust environment.

Julian Lee


Mark Porter

Founder & CEO

Paolo Del Nibletto

Channel Chief

And much more!

“IOT Security Services Association just hit a homerun with one of the first in-person events over the last 2 years.  The recent Cybersecurity Expo in Charlotte was a hit with engaging speakers, timely content and some of the best prizes I have ever seen. Robin and the team have scored a win with this event and I am eager to attend all future events.”

Brian Mangum, Founder, Brightflow Technologies

“Upon attending my first IoTSSA Cybersecurity event, I will admit I was impressed by the quality and density of valuable information available to me as an IT security-focused executive. There were highly relevant presentations, and the portfolio of sponsors was broad enough to answer numerous partner needs I had going in to the event. I plan to attend many more IoTSSA events in the future based on this first experience. This is worth your time if you are a decision maker in the IT security services space for SMB clients.”

Bill Hammelman, CCP Tech , Carolina Computer Partners

“I skip more events than I attend as they turn out to be another ploy to get you to pay for services that you don’t need. Free lunch is never worth the hassle. This was by far one of the most informative, entertaining, and productive events I have ever been too. My team has met some truly outstanding individuals who just want to make the IT community better. Of course, we will buy and recommend the companies we met even though that was not their overall objective. Great job guys and look forward to the next event.”

Demetrius Rouse, ITM SMB Services Manager, MRE Consulting

“Yesterday’s Cyber Security Expo was top notch. This was my first IoTSSA event to attend and I am 100% a fan. Everyone was on the same page and all of the information was relevant to the topic – Cyber Security. Time very well spent with industry experts and peers alike. Furthermore, I believe we will be partnering with a least one new vendor from the event; possibly multiple.”

Slade Stargel, Owner, Stargel Office Solutions

“It was a very amazing experience, with a lot of information and knowledge, excellent vendors stack and incredible networking and golf time. I travelled from Florida to the IoTSSA in Texas and it was really worth it. See you at the next one.”

Yon Aizpurua, Network Specialist, Social Wireless Technologies
“IoTSSA’s Expo events are one of a kind! It is a great place to learn about the vast majority of security products and expert advice. I can’t wait for the next event!”
Matt Schreiber, Network Systems Specialist, Northstar Technology
“The event was obviously well organized and very relevant to our business, engaging and fun. The presenters were compelling – I left with several new exciting ideas about how to improve my company and better serve our customers.”
Emory Vandiver, VP Business Operations/Partner, Interactive Security
“Iotssa’s event showcased security-centric solutions that enable MSP’s to further strengthen the integrity of client environments. Additionally, the educational aspect was both eye opening and paramount in positioning our organization as trusted advisors in this ever changing, fast-paced technological landscape.”
Anton Major, Director of Technology, VELOCIT
“Whenever I attend an event I have to assess if it was worth the time out of the office. The IoTSSA conference easily passes that threshold. Great presentations, 1-on-1 with relevant vendors and many peer conversations.”
Alan Edwards, CISM, ITIL, Chief Information Officer, Computerware
“The IoTSSA live events and Security Blog are invaluable resources for our team to stay updated on the latest in the cybersecurity industry. The live events provide a good mix of content from industry leaders and feedback from peer IT service providers.”
Eric Madden, President , Astute Technology Management
“The time was well spent for my team to get an update to the security issues of the day and methods and partners who are complementary to the services we provide as an MSP. With so much information coming at us on security issues, IoTSSA summarizes the dominant issues and provides solution paths – Which was very beneficial.”
Jason Comstock, President , Clarity Technology Solutions


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