The challenge for IT Service Providers is the asymmetrical war against cyber criminals. 39% of all threats go undetected by automated tools states Ken Totura, Chief Channel Officer with Mantix4.

Join Brian for this sit down with Ken to discuss flipping the script on cyber crime and taking the fight to the criminals in a proactive rather than reactive approach. How can IT Service Providers possibly remediate threats without knowing exactly what they are….it is about finding the unknown and exposing so that next steps can be taken proactively. Troubleshoot the known and identify the unknown. While the average dwell time of a hacker on a network is more than 6 months, don’t be mistaken in thinking that they are dormant and lying in wait. They are active and moving throughout the network in order to find the most lucrative vulnerabilities within.

Threat Hunting as a Service is not only a customer centric approach to cyber security but also a new growth opportunity for IT Service Providers.