2021 Cybersecurity Paradigm Shift


Replay from Beyond the Curve 3.0 Virtual Event in January, MJ Shoer, Executive Director of the CompTIA ISAO, guest moderates this Cyber Expert Panel Session unpacking the Solarwinds event and the massive paradigm shift its

2021 Cybersecurity Paradigm Shift2021-03-14T06:02:27+00:00

Today, Tomorrow & Beyond


Brian sits down for a lively conversation on the changing cybersecurity landscape with RocketCyber, President and Co-Founder, Billy Austin, Vault America, CEO, Zak Karsan and Heather Myers, Partner Channel Manager with ADT Cybersecurity. Some great

Today, Tomorrow & Beyond2020-08-26T15:48:04+00:00

Triaging Windows Event Failed Logons


Security & SOC analysts are frequently tasked with the triaging of event log data. This article serves as a reference point for those in need of investigating failed logon attempts, a.k.a. Windows Event Log ID

Triaging Windows Event Failed Logons2020-06-15T19:36:52+00:00

Restructuring your MSP


One thing we know for sure about Covid-19 is that it is driving change. Yes, Its changing how we live our lives, however also driving massive change across all business verticals. Companies who historically operated

Restructuring your MSP2020-06-10T16:42:38+00:00

Importance of Log Monitoring


Billy Austin, President and Co-Founder of RocketCyber talks with Brian about SOC as a Service and log monitoring being one of the largest pain points for MSPs protecting their clients and maintaining compliance. Defense evasion

Importance of Log Monitoring2020-04-29T17:00:37+00:00
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