MSP vs. MSSP and what does that look like for IT Service Providers? The fact is that cybersecurity must be part of all service contracts in today’s environment. Scott Barlow, VP of Global MSP at Sophos joins Ryan to discuss leveraging vendor relationships in order to effectively service and secure your clients. Scott shares a staggering Gartner stat ‘96% of Cloud Breaches are due to misconfiguration’. Leveraging vendor expertise and tools to close up these gaps while also growing your business is critical to success for IT Service Providers with limited resources. Using a great Hockey analogy, he tells us ‘Go to where the puck is going to be, not where it is’.

Scott also has an affinity for building back yard hockey rinks…we got a shot of the 21/22 rink, however he wasn’t as giving when we asked for a picture of the broken nose and two black eyes!