It has always been our objective to pull back the curtain on cybersecurity for IT Service Providers. A constantly moving target with the bad guys looking to up their game daily and inflict as much pain as possible on the SMB globally. The task for IT Service Providers can be daunting with so many different tools coming at them on a near constant basis looking to upset and re-invent security stacks. Overlapping technologies and many times conflicting, leaving MSPs questioning the integrity of their environments.

Sounil Yu, Author, Ciso and Head of Research at JupiterOne  has created a tool that cuts through all the noise and provides a clear and logical approach to securing environments. The Cyber Defense Matrix in a sense pulls back your own curtain and provides a structure for you to build out and maintain a clear and concise cybersecurity stance.

We are looking forward to Sounil joining us in Lancaster, PA October 26th & 27th where he will be discussing and answering all questions and inquiries on the Cyber Defense Matrix – The Essential Guide to Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape. Reserve your spot today…The first 100 registrants in Lancaster will receive a hard copy of Sounil’s book – All registrants can download a free E-copy of his book today!

Note* Read his book and get started with the Cyber Defense Matrix…BEFORE, attending our event in October or any other industry event. In providing clarity around the integrity of your environments…it provides a roadmap on where you need to buttress your stacks and/or potentially research a little further.

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Also Joining us in Lancaster October 26 & 27…

Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys

Matt Lee, CISSP, CCSP, CCSK, CFR, Senior Director of Security and Compliance, Pax8

Vince Crisler, Founder & CEO, Dark3

Danny Jenkins, CEO, Threatlocker

Mark Porter, CEO, HighWire Networks

Max Henderson, Chief Data Officer, DataStream Insurance

Michelle Ragusa-McBain, Global Lead and Channel Evangelist for MSP and XaaS, Cisco

Matt Scully, Channel Chief, Redstor

Tyler Moffitt, Senior Threat Research Analyst, Webroot

Paolo Del Nibletto, Channel Chief, Jolera

Len DiCostanzo, CEO, MSP Tool Kit

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