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ConnectBooster is a scalable solution that fixes your cash flow. Automate getting paid, from invoice to collection. Before we developed ConnectBooster, we were not being paid on time, we had outstanding accounts receivable, slow-paying clients, and in the end were not able to leverage our PSA platform in order to boost productivity and profitability.

We wanted to develop tools that avoided inefficiencies and it was important to us to control our most important process: getting paid through solid collections. It was at this critical point that we realized that we did not have the ability to automate our most important process – collecting our cash, without lifting a finger, on a consistent basis. So we did what most stressed-out entrepreneurs do: we went seeking a solution, and when we couldn’t find it, we built it ourselves. But before we set out to solve our invoicing stresses, here was our wish list:

– Get paid automatically for our recurring contracts or agreements.

– Get paid anytime by allowing our customers to pay online, at their convenience.

– Eliminate once and for all the excuse “I didn’t see the invoice.”

– Reduce the time spent answering inquiries about billing.

– Alleviate the security strife of taking payment information over the phone.

– Automate the redundant tasks of bookkeeping.

– Be deeply integrated into our PSA and accounting software.

If your IT shop has ever struggled with any of the same billing problems as we did, don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Call us.

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