We have been hearing for the past little while that IT Service Providers are a prime hackers target….for obvious reasons. Much of the feedback we have been receiving from the IoTSSA community is that yes we are aware, however how can we effectively protect ourselves and our clients?

Doug Hazelman, VP Technical Marketing for CloudBerry states ‘Assume you are going to be attacked’.

Brian sits down with Doug to discuss the importance of staying on top of an escalating and increasing threat of attack. The bad guys are working together and evolving tirelessly in their efforts which has become a big big business for them and in many cases also State sponsored which equates to deep funding and support.

As an IT Service Provider it is critical that you keep up to date and pay close attention to this evolution and expansion of the attack surface. What was released as a warning from government 6 months ago certainly hasn’t gone away, only continued to expand and become more sophisticated.

Doug and Brian discuss managing BYOD, decryptor tools, patching and security warnings. Leverage your security vendors and keep an open dialogue with them so that you can benefit from their expertise and keep ahead of new tools available to you.

The Cobblers kids have no shoes, can’t be more prevalent than in today's threat landscape because the alternative can be catastrophic. Have you invested in a Pen Test on your own environment? This is a final step not the beginning. Once you are comfortable with your own security posture and stack….A Pen Test should follow. Note: A Pen Test is a huge selling feature for your prospects and clients when discussing cybersecurity. You have invested in and passed a Pen Test on your own environment in order to ensure their protection!