What comes next? That’s a question everyone is pondering today and, though most MSPs and ITSPs seem to be weathering the COVID-19 pandemic better than professionals in other industries, the predictions for the coming months are not very comforting.

Those expecting everything to go back to the way it was in the coming weeks are sure to be disappointed. Based on several predictive models, many communities may not return to ‘normal’ for 12 to 18 months and, even then, with restrictions or lingering health concerns that could continue to impede economic growth. What does that mean for MSPs?

While the channel is resilient and the IT services community sits at the forefront of change, and will surely weather this crisis better than most, providers still need to take a more proactive approach with their sales, marketing, and business activities. Planning for the future is particularly difficult when no one knows when (or if) things will return to normal.

With the help of many of our friends, IoTSSA plans to provide positive, yet realistic perspectives and answer some of those tough questions. Our Beyond the Curve Cyber Stream Series, being held May 12th, 13th, and 14th, will bring together some of the most forward-thinking professionals in the industry. Between leading research and channel executives to outside experts and our MSP advisors, the speakers will address many of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This exclusive event is limited to IT services providers.

Our event schedule is designed for busy MSPs, including those juggling remote work, homeschooling, and, of course, somewhat of a personal life while stuck in quarantine. After all, you have a business to run. Each day of the Beyond the Curve Cyber Stream Series has a different theme and lineup of expert speakers to cover all aspects of your organization. This event is all about getting MSPs and ITSPs and your teams prepared for the weeks, months, and years ahead.

What is in it for you? Our Beyond the Curve Cyber Stream Series is designed to address the specific needs of MSP businesses like yours, so this event is actually ALL about you. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you should attend:

  1. Post-pandemic channel education

Maximize your learning experience with all new content designed to address specific MSP pain points.

  1. Industry-leading speakers

We are bringing together some of the most respected minds in the channel to share the latest research and industry insight. Attendees can look forward to keynote presentations by Nancy Hammervik, EVP of Industry Relations for CompTIA; Larry Walsh, CEO and Chief Strategist at the 2112 Group; Gary Pica, Owner of TruMethods, and many others.

  1. A schedule built for MSPs

What used to be a ‘normal’ workday is no more. Between client and family responsibilities, your schedule has likely expanded and contorted to address all the latest concerns. IoTSSA selected the dates and times (mid-month, afternoons) based on the feedback of MSPs like you.

  1. The IoTSSA Channel Commitment

Our IT services industry specialists understand what it takes to design and deliver quality education. We follow a mantra that the channel is “better together.” With years of success creating, managing, and hosting value-added events, you can expect content that addresses the issues and opportunities that matter most to you and your team members.

  1. Give Back and Enjoy Valuable Giveaways

Education has its own rewards, but who wouldn’t like a chance to give back to charity and take home fantastic gifts, too! Attendees will have numerous opportunities each day to win some high-dollar prizes from our sponsor partners. A few lucky attendees will also win a donation to give back to the charity of their choice in their business name (details to come). A great win-win opportunity for all!

  1. Hear (and learn) from your peers

Our MSP Panel, comprised of IoTSSA Advisory Board members, will be an interactive and open forum covering the significant issues facing every IT services business owner.

  1. Beyond the Curve is a Destination

MSPs need to look and plan forward, not back to the ‘good old days,” to ensure future success. No one can guarantee that the ‘new norm’ for MSPs will be financially or technologically the same. IoTSSA put together an agenda filled with sessions offering insightful information, the latest financial and IT best practices, and trusted advice from industry professionals.

Need help building post-pandemic plans for your MSP business? Are you positioning your portfolio and consultancy for whatever may come next? Join IoTSSA for the Beyond the Curve Cyber Stream Series May 12th, 13th, and 14th to get a head start on the competition. Register here today!

Brian Sherman, Content Director